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A Little History of Lezgus Inc.


It all started with my grandfather (Eugene E. Lezgus, Sr.) around 1920 in Irvington, New Jersey. He worked as a new construction and service plumber on his own through the depression doing plumbing jobs for pool tables, grinders, tools and anything to trade, even bartering work. When Eugene E. Lezgus II (Gene) was old enough to hold tools he went to work helping wherever he could. He worked for other plumbing companies until around 1953 when Gene started his own company, Lezgus Inc., in Toms River, New Jersey.

Lezgus Inc. specialized in new construction, the only service work done was on plumbing originally installed by Lezgus. This was soon to change. In the early sixties through the early seventies, there were as many as twenty to one hundred fifty employees including Eugene E. Lezgus III (Chip) working at new construction, remodeling, service and old and new heating systems.

In 1974 Gene sold the Toms River business to his employees that had worked for him in the sixties. He moved to Naples, Florida to retire. He fished and traveled until he was bored and needed something to do. He went to work for a plumbing company in Naples. That was short-lived. Around 1976-1977 a new Lezgus Inc. was established and sub-contracted new construction through another Naples business. At this time, Chip came into the business doing piecework at new construction. After a year working out of one truck, changes had to be made.

In 1979, Gene changed Lezgus Inc. into a total service plumbing company, as you now know it. Chip went to work for other companies because of lack of service work to keep two people busy.

In 1981, Lezgus Inc. expanded it’s service area to encompass Naples to Estero. Chip once again worked with his father and they operated out of Chip’s home.

By 1984, Lezgus had grown to four trucks and covered from Port of the Isles to San Carlos Park doing service, remodeling and commercial service while operation out of a storage building.

In 1987, Lezgus moved to Old 41 and Tennessee Street in Bonita Springs. The company had now grown to eleven employees doing service, remodel, new construction and also added a retail store.

By 1994, the office became too small, so in 1995 Lezgus bought the property and built the offices now located on 28631 North Diesel Drive #3 in Bonita Springs, Florida 34135. Eugene E. Lezgus IV (Travis) started working for Lezgus Inc. in 2003.

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